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Structured Settlements

What is a Structured Settlement?

When lawsuits are settled, usually, a periodic payment stream is set up as against the payment of the lump total of the settlement numbers at once. These regular payments are what we all call structured settlements.

It is a common practice for lawsuits to end with structured settlements, which make it easier for both the plaintiff and defendants to keep to their ends of the bargain.

How do you Get Cash from your Structured Settlements?

Periodic payments from your structured settlements are set up to help you cover bills and other expenses over a long period. However, in many cases, the fees are usually not enough to cover all your costs in the long run. Therefore, you have to consider selling your structured settlements or some parts of it to get a hold of your finances and prepare yourself better for the future.

The payment plans for structured settlements are futuristic and therefore selling them for cash in hand now might be your best option at ensuring that your future is less bleak. You can give us a call at BH Fast Funding LLC today, and we’ll answer all your inquiries.

Why should you Consider Selling your Structured Payments?

Well, for one the world did not stop forging ahead on the day you received your structured payment approval and so didn’t the economic, political, and sociological elements of the society.

The value you get for your structured settlements in cash now is dependent on the current state of affairs, while the future amount of your structured settlements also depends on the future state of affairs.
In the future, your structured settlements which can offset all your current bills might not be sufficient to do so with efficacy. The best time to get ahead on your financials is now!

In many cases, you have to offset huge bills that your structured settlements might not be able to take care of such as substantial medical bills, college fees, home renovation, investing in a new business or startup. These cases require urgent cash which your structured settlements will not offset, and your best option would be to sell your structured settlements for money right now and stay on top of your financial life.

What Do I Gain from Selling my Structured Settlements right now?

By selling your structured settlements, you will open yourself up to more options financially and offset bills that can eat heavy into your daily life. Instead of waiting for years to put together enough to stay economically balanced, you can get the cash you need in a matter of days. Some of such expenses are listed below:

Pay Off Huge Medical Fees

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There are some medical emergencies that your structured settlements might not be able to cater for. Such medical procedures as elective surgeries might be costly and tough on anyone even if for just a few days.

To cover costly medical bills such as Laser eye surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Dental Services, Fertility Treatments cannot be covered by your structured settlements and can prove to be very expensive for you.

On the other hand, selling your structured settlement for cash right now puts you on the right pedestal to cover your costly medical bills.

Pay for College Education

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One of the most burdensome bills on any parent or guardian is the college fees. Paying for college has sent many students into the clutches of student loans, which take a whole lot of time to recover from. Selling your structured settlements is your way out of student loans.

According to CNN and The Institute of College Access and Success, the average Joe in college who takes out student loans will have incurred up to $30,000 in debt by the time they graduate. I think you’d instead your son or daughter isn’t that average Joe. By offsetting your college fees with enough cash from selling your structured settlements, you’ll be able to stay out of debt traps for a long time to come.

Pay off Loans

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Structured settlements, when sold in exchange for cash, will help you clear all debts on your credit card(s) or any other loans taken at one point or the other. We encourage you to live a debt-free lifestyle.

Aren’t your needs Listed Above?

If your peculiar needs are not listed among those above, no need to worry, we are very interested in hearing about your case and how we can help you access a structured settlement plan. We are a go-to for numerous individuals who have received their funds without any delay and will also help you obtain the right funds.

How Much you stand to Get?

The exact number you get depends on the value of your structured settlements. All payment plans are usually tailored to the individual and their agreements for the best experience, which is why we assign every claimant to one representative who handles the settlement funds from start to finish.

Why Can’t you get the Total Value of the Payments you Sell?

Simple! “Time is Money”

The phrase says a lot about why you cannot access the full value of the payments you’re putting up for sale. The cash value of your money at this moment will not be its cash value in the future. We’re buying that uncertainty and giving you the certainty that comes with owning your cash.

When we buy your structured settlements or a part of it and give you lump cash for it, we’re only purchasing the rights to receive those payments on your behalf. Your payment plan remains the same, only that we’ll be in charge right after paying you.

At BH Fast Funding LLC, we have a tremendous interest in helping you get the best out of your structured settlements, and we’re available 24/7 to attend to all inquiries and questions concerning your structured settlements.